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Customers without water

Well the post about Stage 5 water restrictions went bad quick! So I deleted the post. Allow me to explain it another way. This is a picture of our current tank levels in our water system. The one toward the bottom left labeled Plant #8 is the elevated tank that serves most of Siena. The blue tank just to the right or the white one is the tank at our office labeled Elevated #3. You notice the level in Elevated #3 is indicated by a blue bar in the middle of the “top”. Now, look at the same spot on the white elevated to the left, notice you see almost no blue color to indicate water level. That elevated tank is all but empty. If we don’t restrict water usage to essential use only and allow the system to recover, we are going to lose water again. My earlier post was not a threat to turn off everyone’s water for not complying. We will continue to work our tail ends off to get the system back to normal. But we can’t do it with out the help of customers.