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Customers without water

Update: Our crews are in the process of repairing a water main in the area of County Road 101 and 1660 North. The repair will require the water to be turned off. The repair should take about 4 hours. Water will be restored today. All customers except those in the above area should have some water in their homes. We are not in the clear! If customers do not conserve water and demand out paces our production, you may loose water pressure to your home. Last evening one of our crews came across an individual out in the street with a water hose spraying the curb and gutter in front of their house. Our crew asked them to refrain from that type water use until the system is full. I cannot express enough how crucial it is for everyone to limit water use for essential use only. Flushing toilets, bathing, and cooking/drinking.These are essential use. Washing clothes, cars, driveways, or anything else must be delayed. Our water system is filling and we are recovering but it is going to take time. All customers remain under a Boil Water Notice and will until late next week. Please follow those instructions for boiling water for human consumption.

Thank you,

Bill Brown 

General Manager